The Contenders and Dark Horses for the 2024 Tasar Worlds

As the sailing world turns its gaze towards Sandringham Yacht Club for the highly anticipated 2024 Tasar Worlds, speculation is rife about who will emerge victorious and claim the coveted trophy. With 108 boats currently entered, the competition is fierce, and the fleet reads like a who’s who of sailing prowess. Let’s take a closer look at the runners and riders, attempting to forecast who might reign supreme on the waters of Port Phillip.

The Veterans: Past World Champions Eyeing Glory

A formidable contingent of past Tasar world champions headlines the list of favourites. These seasoned sailors bring a wealth of experience and a track record of success to the competition. Names like Jonathon McKee and Libby Johnson-McKee (USA – 4 Worlds), Robert and Nicole Douglass (AUS – 3 Worlds), Rick Longbottom (AUS), Jay and Lisa Renehan (USA), Paul and Bronwyn Ridgway (AUS) and Chris Dance and Peter Hackett (AUS) have all graced the the top spot of the podium before, and their mastery of the Tasar class could prove instrumental in navigating the tricky conditions expected on “the bay.”  Even though the Japanese fleet is yet to have a World Champion, they are strong competitors and they will be flying their country flag proudly.  Particularly as the next World Championship will be in Japan.  Eyes will be on their 8 boat team to see who pushes the world champions.

The Rising Stars: New Faces Ready to Shine

Every regatta has its dark horses, and the 2024 Tasar Worlds are no exception. Keep an eye on emerging talents such as Stasi Burzycki and Sophia Kasper (USA), Alyosha Strum-Palerm and Analucia Clarkson (USA), James Sly and Elisa Solly (AUS), Harrison Sly and Zara Challis (AUS) and Jon Holroyd and Tom Johnston (AUS) who, despite being relatively new to the Tasar scene, have shown exceptional promise in recent events. Their hunger for success and fresh perspective on the sport could prove to be a game-changer. 

The Tactical Wizards: Masters of Strategy

Sailing is as much about tactics as it is about speed, and certain sailors excel in the mental chess match on the water. Steve and Sarah Cockerill (GBR), Mark and Oliver Bulka (AUS) known for their strategic brilliance and ability to read the ever-changing conditions, could outmanoeuvre the competition and position themselves as serious contenders for the trophy.

The Wildcards: Unpredictable Elements of the Fleet

In any regatta, there are always wildcards—sailors who, despite lacking extensive Tasar credentials, possess a unique set of skills that could disrupt the established order. Gary and Robin Ratcliffe (AUS) and Stuart Templeton and Nicole Kidman (AUS) fall into this category, with a reputation for speed when the breeze is up, unpredictable moves and a penchant for upsetting the favourites.

So, Who Will Take Home the Trophy?

Predicting the winner of such a diverse and competitive fleet is no easy task. The 2024 Tasar Worlds will likely unfold as a thrilling drama, with each race adding new twists and turns to the narrative. The victor may be a familiar face, a rising star, or a wildcard who seizes the opportunity to make history.

As the regatta unfolds at Sandringham Yacht Club, one thing is certain—the 2024 Tasar Worlds will be a spectacle of skill, strategy, and sheer determination. The fleet is stacked with talent, and only time will reveal which sailor will etch their name into Tasar history by hoisting the trophy aloft, basking in the glory of victory on the waters of Port Phillip.

The class is very grateful for the support of all our sponsors, particularly the Victorian State Government, Bayside City Council and Ronstan.  Without them we could not gather all these amazing sailors into the one place, to see who is the best.

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