The 12mR World Championship – Porquerolles (FRA)

The must-attend event for 12mR boats in 2024

From 17 to 23 June 2024, Porquerolles Yacht Club will be organising the 12mR World Championship, one of the most prestigious sailing events and a must for the class. A real America’s Cup atmosphere will reign over this unprecedented international event in the harbour in Hyères. Around twenty 12mR boats are expected to take part, and more than 10 nations will be represented. A world championship title will be awarded at the end of the week’s racing.

The 12mR boats, the historic class of the world’s oldest sporting competition, the America’s Cup, which they contested from 1958 to 1987, have become the kings of the Cup over the years. For their world championship in Porquerolles in 2024, they will be unfurling their superb sails in Hyères harbour. For this high-level international competition, Porquerolles Yacht Club and its Race Committee will be setting up specially laid out courses, which are very simple but highly technical, imposing strategic choices that represent the pinnacle of the art of regatta sailing.

Porquerolles Yacht Club is very proud to have been chosen to organise this world championship. Several months ago, an international delegation representing the 12mR boats set out to find a venue that could welcome these exceptional boats for an event that has never been held in Mediterranean waters. After a few visits to Porquerolles, they chose their location for this unprecedented meeting… Hyères and its golden islands!” said Aurélie Lhuillier, manager of Porquerolles Yacht Club.

The 12mR World Championship - Porquerolles
© Gilles Martin-Raget / YCP

The event

From 17 to 23 June, around twenty 12mR yachts and their top-level international crews will be moored in the port of Porquerolles, before battling it out non-stop for a week on the extraordinary waters off Hyères.

For the crew of Nyala, the world championship will be the highlight and the goal of the season. We’re already training with the whole crew. It’s great that it’s in Porquerolles, as these waters are really technical and I’m sure we’re going to have some great races,” said Brazilian Torben Grael, five-time Olympic medallist and tactician aboard the Italian 12mR Nyala owned by Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of Prada.

In 2024, we’re going to have a very good year for 12mR boats. In the Grand Prix category, in which I’m competing with French Kiss, we’re going to have a great battle with boats from 1987 like Kiwi Magic, White Crusader and Kookaburra. All the owners and crews are highly motivated, and the location of the Bay of Hyères and Porquerolles is much appreciated by everyone, so we can’t wait to meet up again,” explained Marc Pajot, helmsman aboard French Kiss.

We’re lucky enough to have quite a few boats coming over from the United States. In 2024, there are plenty of reasons to be in Europe, particularly with the America’s Cup. We’re going to have the biggest gathering of 12mR boats we’ve ever had in the wonderful setting of Porquerolles. Porquerolles Yacht Club, which is organising the event, is a very good club and they’re going to do it very well in this marvellous location,” commented Bruno Troublé.

Americans, Spaniards, Italians, French and Scandinavians will all be present in Porquerolles to put on a magnificent and historic show in Hyères harbour. Porquerolles Yacht Club and its teams are already working hard to ensure that this event is one to remember.

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