Ten races scheduled for the Tornado Worlds in Lindau, Germany

Iordanis Paschalidis and Konstatinos Trigonis Tornado

The Lindauer Segler-Club will be the Organizing Authority from the 10th till the 17th of June for the races of the Tornado Worlds 2016 held on the Lake Constance. Thirty-four teams from 11 Nations are expected, among them the complete world elite of the Tornado class, a former Olympic class.

The contenders for renewing the World Championship title are without any doubt the Greeks starting for the Nautical Club Thessaloniki, Iordanis Paschalidis and Konstatinos Trigonis and sponsored by Red Bull. Their track record; defending champions for five consecutive years, several Olympic campaigns.

The German Team with Roland Gäbler and his wife Nahid Gäbler starting for the NRV (Norddeutscher Regatta-Verein) are most likely the toughest rival for the Greek team, considering that they are the present ruling world champions of the Tornado Mixed Class, and Roland being a bronze medallist of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Let’s name a few more.

Four Teams from the southern hemisphere, three from Australia: Gavin Colby/Bill Leonard and Allan Gamble/Kim Nicholas and one from New Zealand with Bill Caunce/Aaron Duncan, are also expected to add some salt to the soup!

One doesn´t travel half way around the globe to only enjoy the beautiful environment provided by the lake and the alps but also to seek titles and trophies …

The president and Chairman of the International Tornado Association Jürgen Jentsch and his wife Sarah, will participate beside their club companions, totalling three teams from the Segelclub Füssen/Forggensee (SCFF). One of them Bob Baier, reigning German champion in the A-Cat-Class (smaller multihull boat class), sailing with his son Marc.

Youngest participant is Estela Jentsch teaming with the Australian Champion Brett Burvill from Perth, who came 4th in last year’s World Championship.

Last but not least the teams with the home advantage, five teams from the Austrian shore, Yacht-Club Rheindelta, just across the border and from Lindau Veit Hemmeter sailing for the Lindauer-Segler-Club, winner of the 2010 Tornado German Open, and multiple winner of the long distance race Rundum around Lake Constance.

Measurement and equipment inspection, ensuring class rules compliance, will be held on Friday and Saturday the 10th and 11th of June with a practice race in the afternoon of the 11th. Followed by the “Opening Ceremony“ starting at 19:00 in the “old city hall“.

Former Lindauer Segler-Club president and present DSV president Dr. Andreas Lochbrunner, the Mayor, the District Chief Executive and more are expected amongst the guests.

1st day of official racing is the 12th of June 2016, two races per day are scheduled.

Wednesday will be a lay day, provided the wind conditions play along. In case the event falls behind schedule the lay day will become a racing day.

A minimum of four races are required to complete the world championships.

The low-point system will apply. Which means if 5 or more races are completed the worst score of a competitor shall be deleted.

Prizes will be given for the following categories:

Tornado Open, top 5 teams

Tornado Mixed top 3 teams

Tornado Youth top 3 teams

Prize giving will be held on the 17th of June in front of the Clubhouse of the Lindauer Segler-Club.

Paul Bastard has been elected to hold the office of Principal Race Officer. The Frenchman has been International Race Officer since 1990 and is very well known and accustomed to the Tornado Sailing Class due to his activities during the World Cup races in Hyères and Carnac for many years. Furthermore Paul has also been in different positions and organizational functions during three Olympic Games. In short, a guarantee for fair and equal regatta conditions and racing provided by the racing committee.

Local member of the International Jury is Mufti Kling. He is responsible for the proper conduct of any protest hearings and any ruling if necessary. With over 10 years of experience and the qualification as an “International Judge“ he and the entire team are up to the task.

The social events:

A big BBQ evening on the Sunday the 12th of June on the premises of the Lindauer Segler-Club.

Annual Meeting of the International Tornado Association is on the 13th of June.

Gala-Dinner “Sailors only“ on the 14th of June.


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