Tassie's Margate Marina redevelopment sails ahead

Situated on the gateway to the famous cruising mecca of the D’Entrecasteaux channel, the redevelopment of Margate Marina, just south of Hobart presses ahead.  This substantial project represents one of Tasmania’s biggest recreational boating investments.  Late last year saw the completion of the first 130 floating pontoon berths (from 10m to 40m), the specially engineered 300m breakwater/wave attenuator and a floating fuel pontoon birth.

As an important part of this redevelopment we’re pleased to announce the opening of our new pump-out facility for recreational vessels with holding tanks.  This service will be free of charge to all recreational vessels and will be a “self-serve” operation. Boat owners must ring the Marina Office on their approach…(03) 6267 9600.  It will be available 7 days a week but only during our office opening hours.  (Monday – Friday 8:30am-5:00pm, weekends and public holidays 10:00am–4:00pm, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.)

The pump-out is located at the fuel dock and accessed via the southern approach to the Marina.  There are instructions on the pedestal unit as well as a list of requirements for boat owners to maintain environmental responsibility.   (Vessels with deeper drafts should ring the Marina office prior to approaching to check on access until further dredging is completed.)

This pump-out is the only one in southern Tasmania outside the Derwent River area.  It will be a great asset to the increasing number of vessels with holding tanks and a valuable service to boat owners keen to protect the environment.  The pump-out will help reduce the effects of black water disposals in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and will therefore help improve the marine environment as well as the safety and enjoyment of recreational boating. 

Being a free facility available to the boating public, Marine and Safety Tasmania has contributed to the pump-out’s installation.  The majority of costs have been paid by Margate Marina and the Marina will be responsible for ongoing management and maintenance.

Again, intending users must contact the Margate Marina office (6267 9600) prior to using the unit.  It can only be used for vessels with holding tank deck fittings.

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Jeanneau JY55
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