Sydney Yachts Regatta sponsored by Performance Boating

PBS will be the naming sponsor for the first Sydney Yachts regatta being hosted by the RPAYC next February the 20th to the 22nd.

Fifteen Sydney 38s and ten Sydney 36s are expected along with an assortment of the 32s, 40, 41, 46 and perhaps the 60. There are several Sydney 38s available for charter, so if this is something that might be of interest contact PBS.

PBS was instrumental in the development of the Sydney 38, 36CR, 39CR and 46CR and were active agents until the boatbuilding company was  wound up. They spent a lot of time racing the yachts and can vouch for the fun and camaraderie the fleet racing evoked.

PBS currently have two good Sydney 38s for sale, so if you are looking to step up to a new sailing challenge they represent excellent value-for-money.

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