Summer safety features in December Cruising Helmsman

It's summer safety time.
Summer is in full swing and while the urge to take advantage of the nice weather and get out sailing grows we remind you to preplan and check first.
Ten essential safety items every boat should have is a simple reminder of the basics to staying safe. Following that we provide a checklist for those things on a yacht that are quite often forgotten about, including through-hull fittings.
There have been rumours floating around that paper charts are being phased-out. Is it true?
Last month we took you to South America and this month we finish off that excellent continent with a long trip down south from Argentina to Uruguay. We also visit the Northern Territory and one of the least visited destinations the Pacific's Tuamotus.
We take our first look at a series of articles that will detail a new boat being built. Plus we go from small boat sailing to boat testing the Moody 54 deck saloon.
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