Struggle of the 505 Worlds is over – wind finally arrives

Cork, Ireland: Yesterday was a lay day and the plan was to catch up some races at the 505 Worlds, but again there was no wind, so the locals pulled out their boats and we cruised the harbour to Cobh and Cork.

Today, inshore, there was no wind but once we got outside the harbour, the fleet was greeted with a 12-14 knot wind from the north east. We had wind and we were going sailing!

It was a gradient breeze and expected to wane a little as the day went on. The PRO could get a maximum of three races in and three were needed to constitute a series, so we all knew what was to come. Whilst the breeze was oscillating, most of the fleet worked to the left upwind, and down. There seemed to be more pressure over there.

There were some performances to highlight throughout the races. South Africans James Largier and Richard Hutton-Squire in 6th the first race of the day (Race 2). Lena Stückl and Johannes Tellen 7th in Race 2.

Lena stated yesterday she prefers breeze and proved it. In R3 Malin Broberg and Johan Röök finishing 4th and locals Ewen Barry and Charles Dwyer in Race 4 finished 6th, plus youngster Morgan Pickney and Garrett Brown 4th in Race 4.

The first race today was almost perfect 505 weather. The lightweight teams were in play and the heavyweight teams were in play. Crews were on the wire and the boats could power reach the runs.

At the top mark the first time the team of McNay and Paine were again in the front with Mike Martin and Adam Lowry looming. The other front runners of Batchelor and Pascoe were back in the teens. For the second leg Batchelor and Pascoe moved through the fleet finishing third behind our two original race leaders.

The second race was a couple of knots lighter, moving to the 9-11 knot range and favouring our lighter teams. This time Batchelor and Pascoe lead from start to finish with McNay and Paine second. The fleet was tight, so there was a large bunch fighting for third. Nicholas and Payne won that battle from the Swedish team of Broberg and Röök, the leading mixed team.

In the final race, the pressure again dropped a couple more knots and moved right 20 degrees. The order for the lead was reversed, with McNay and Paine leading Batchelor and Pascoe. Third went to Mal Higgins and Nick (Camel) Johnston.

The big excitement for the whole fleet though was the finish of Earle Alexander and Angus Higgins in 8th. Angus is Malcolm’s son and an emerging youth sailor. He joined with Earle (76 years old), a class stalwart and permanent fixture in the 505 class for at least 40 years. He is also one of the most popular men in the field. Earle is there for everyone, yet has never had a top 10 race at a Worlds, until today – there was a lot of celebration.

Tomorrow the wind looks lighter, but hopes remain for a few more races to finish the Worlds. No drops as yet, so McNay and Paine have a 5-point lead heading into the final day.

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