Staying cool in the heat of the race

Musto Australasia is of the belief nothing beats self-service when it comes to prolonging the life of your wet weather gear. With this in mind we've put together a few handy tips to help you preserve the life of your favourite marine apparel before you take to the open seas this summer season.

To keep warm in the worst conditions first of all you must stay dry. To do this your clothing must a) transport body moisture away from the skin b) hold dry, warm air close to the body c) keep water out. Tri-laminate fabrics have what is termed an inner olliophobic layer which helps repel sweat, insect repellent and sunscreen. This layer protects a second layer which in essence is the working mid-layer membrane. An external third layer face fabric is then layered on top. This outer face fabric is your coloured layer. It features tiny microscopic hairs that, when coated correctly, repel water in a process known as beading.

Over time these hairs will flatten. When this happens the water sits on the fabric in a process known as wetting out. This is a common occurrence and leads some to think their garment is leaking. However a good wash using Musto's recommended products and a warm tumble drier will rejuvenate these hairs and bring them back to life.

Care instructions for Gore-Tex products®

We'll let you into a little secret – cleaning and maintaining any Musto Gore-Tex® product is as easy as switching on your washing machine and drier.

Musto uses HPX and MPX fabrics and it entire range of technical marine gear can be easily washed in any washing machine at temperatures up to 40° using Grangers Cleaner. You should then tumble dry the garment on a low heat setting. The warmth actually rejuvenates the durable water repellency of the face fabric to allow the water to bead off the fabric and keep the wearer dry.

Once this process is completed we advise you then apply Grangers XT Proofer replacement to further enhance water beading. Regular washing will prolong the life of your wet weather gear and keep it looking good.

We strongly advise against bleaching, dry cleaning, ironing or using a fabric softener on your Musto Gore-Tex® products as these will dramatically reduce the life expectancy of your garment.

Care instrustions for other technical apparell products

For all other types of wet weather gear you will need to first hand wash in warm water using Grangers 30° Cleaner.

Stubborn stains and grease might discolour the material but should not affect its water resistance.

All Musto garments feature abrasion protective characteristics so it is possible to lightly scrub on ground-in dirt to help lift the stain. After a good wash, rinse with fresh water and when semi-dry spray with Grangers XT Proofer. This Musto-approved scotch guard treatment will allow the water to bead off the fabric rather than sit on the face of the fabric.

Again, we would caution against bleaching, tumble drying, ironing or using a fabric softener on your technical apparel products.

A final note

Regardless of what type of wet weather gear product you have, a thorough rinsing in fresh water after a sail will always help extend the garment's life. Above all, never store your wet weather gear when wet.

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AGC0030 Grangers 30°C Cleaner RRP $39

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