Spinlock’s latest High Load development

Spinlock have re-engineered their most powerful XX0812 clutch to exploit the full potential of new blendedcover ropes. Using the ‘Digital Jaw' ZS technology launched at METS 2008, Spinlock have adapted the principle for the popular XX model, the only clutch capable of releasing loads up to 1800kgs.

Some of the latest developments in performance rope construction use polyester covers reinforced with a high tensile fibre; Aramid, Technora or Dyneema. Digital jaw XX offers consistently effective performance across a wider spectrum of rope types and is now equally at home on a 44' X-Yacht as on a Grand Prix race boat.

In developing the new XX gripping system, jaw weight has been reduced and jaw engagement and release reconfigured for minimal friction. This helps streamline handling at the fast line speeds of 7+ metres/second now demanded for race sail hoists using driven pit winches, as in TP52 and Mini Maxi classes.

A ‘straightthrough' rope alignment, parallel to the deck, ensures neater side-mounting.
The Digital XX borrows Spinlock's latest ZR ‘Grip Switch' action with clearly visible ‘Locked' and ‘Open' modes and ‘hands-free' winched release. These new features provide teams with simple, fast and controlled release under load for asymmetric spinnaker sheets and mainsheets.

Also borrowed from the ZR, the complete jaw set is removable for service in one piece by removing the aft moulding. Other features include a ‘straight-through' rope alignment neater for side-mounting, and the ability to upgrade existing XX's using the new jaw set accessory.
XX0812 (without switch)
XX0812/LCK (with Switch)
XX-Jaw (Jaw Upgrade Kit)

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