SP80 – We launched a kiteboat

Casting off: done!


Over the last few weeks, we’ve connected a small kite to our boat and our pilots could make their very first run.
Launching a kite from the sea has been quite a challenge and we’ve had to work hard over the last few months to validate a launch procedure that is safe for the pilots, team and boat, and then dare to cast off.
From the very first kite tests to the first launch with our record boat, we tell you all about our developments in details.
The road is still long, but the journey is worth it. What a feeling to finally watch her sail on her own!

What now ?
All we have to do now is to get faster by switching to much bigger kites!
The team is getting ready to test its first 25m2 kite, custom made for the boat. 
We hope to show you some great pictures of these navigations soon!

Jeanneau SO380
JPK August 2023
JPK August 2023
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