Smooth sailing with new portable battery charger

Australia is a nation of boat lovers, with 2.51 million Aussies holding a boat license.

While owning a boat has a lot of benefits, what happens if you experience a breakdown on the water?

The freedom that comes from being on a boat is only possible when you have peace of mind. When you can rest assured that your boat will start, to take you where you want to go, and – most importantly – get you safely and surely back to dry land. 

Now you can achieve that level of freedom by taking the CTEK CS FREE on board your boat and experience smooth sailing on every journey.

Woman carrying a CTEK CS FREE onto a boat.
Take the CS FREE with you on the water.

The CS FREE is a multi-functional portable charger that offers complete freedom – with no worries about getting stuck on the water with a flat battery. Its innovative Adaptive Booster technology allows you to get going from a flat battery, while also acting as a battery charger, an intelligent maintainer and an on-the-go powerbank to charge cameras, smart phones and other equipment. 


Robert Briggs, Director of Sales and Marketing, Asia Pacific, CTEK, said: “With the CS FREE, all you need to do is simply charge it up, take it with you wherever you go, and use it when you need it. This can be a life saver both on the water and on the road, as it’s suitable for use with boats, cars and motorcycles.

A woman holding a CS FREE at the back of a boat in Sydney harbour.
It can charge charge batteries, cameras, smart phones and other equipment. 

“Following the pandemic we’re seeing lots of Aussies spending money on leisure time and buying boats due to the additional funds we’re not spending on overseas holidays. You certainly don’t want to start the boating season with a dead battery. It’s expensive, time consuming and frustrating. The CS FREE is designed to also be an intelligent charger and maintainer that will keep your batteries in optimum condition and delivering maximum performance.”

The product is a portable 12V power bank that’ll charge smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. It can keep your battery topped up for long periods of time. In fact, maintenance charging your battery via mains power, a solar panel kit or 12V service battery over the idle seasons will actually extend the lifespan of your battery by up to three times longer.

“What’s important is to make sure you have the right tools on board should you get into battery trouble – our product should be included in every on-board kit for peace of mind on the water,” Briggs added.

The product is now available in Australia and comes with two years warranty and is available now from Edisons for $499.

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