Sedlacek Koch on for world extreme sailing record attempt

In just 10 days from now, Norbert Sedlacek Koch will depart for his Ant Arctic Lab challenge, to sail around the world nonstop, single-handed, without assistance through all five oceans including the most dangerous oceans on the planet; the Arctic and Southern ocean.

Departure day of this world extreme sailing record attempt is around the corner. Sedlacek Koch will spend around 200 days at sea passing all climate zones including twice Polar Regions and the Equator. And therefore, the Arctic gear will also be on board next to a total of 1.2 tons of equipment on this at least 32.000 nautical miles long challenge.

IY Open60AAL sailing

The aim of this record challenge is to promote sustainable sailing. This means clean boat building and zero emission sailing, even for a long distance through the most dangerous water on our planet like ice, stormy water, and doldrums.

Sedlacek Koch, who is also Founder and Managing Director of Innovation Yachts, will leave the Vendée Globe pontoon on 15 August from Les Sables d’Olonne, France. His sailing boat, the Innovation Yachts Open60AAL will be powered only by renewable energy like wind, hydro generators and solar power.

This 60ft long boat was built by Norbert and his Innovation Yachts team using only environmentally friendly materials such as volcanic fiber, balsa wood, and harmless epoxy.

“We have done some adjustments and crosschecks on the engines and the other parts during these last months. Now, it is time to stow equipment on board like food, clothes, spare parts, and medical equipment that I might need for the next six months at sea.”, Sedlacek Koch says.

Sedlacek Koch verifying the mast tension

Sedlacek Koch and his team have been working on the Ant Arctic Lab project for 13 years. If he accomplishes this challenge, he will be the first sailor ever who hit this extreme sailing world record.

Sedlacek Koch will leave the Vendée Globe pontoon at 10:00am French time. Sailing lovers, friends, and family will be there to wish him fair winds.

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