Schiller X1, the water toy that Larry Ellison doesn't have

Forbes magazine. By Elise Ackerman:

Over the last two years, Bill Norris has got used to one of the world’s richest men conspicuously parking his yacht in front of Norris’s home on the Hawaiian island of Lanai. It doesn’t help matters that Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle, now owns nearly everything on the island including all the hotels, the water company, the movie theater and half the roads.

But in a few weeks, Norris is going to get a toy that Ellison doesn’t have. And Norris, who like Ellison is a self-made businessman, can’t wait to show it off. Thanks to a lucky family connection, Norris is first in line to get a Schiller X1, a sleek watercraft that combines the best of bicycle engineering with bleeding edge nautical design. The team behind it happens to include two members of Team Oracle, who signed on with Schiller after winning the Americas Cup last year.

“I’m going to make it my business to pedal my Schiller bicycle around his yacht when I know that he’s on it,” Norris said. “When Larry Ellison sees these bikes, it’s going to make him crazy not to own a dozen of them.”

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