SB20 World Championships – Day 3

Team Desert Eagle Shines as Dubai Duty Free SB20 World Championships Progress

Race management for the Dubai Duty Free SB20 World Championship successfully completed four races today, effectively putting the world championships back on schedule for a full series of races following a one-day delay to the start. With only five races remaining, the competition is heating up as sailors vie for the top spots in the standings.

The forty-eight teams experienced incredibly volatile conditions, with Race 5 seeing the course shortened on the second lap due to the wind dropping out altogether. Races 7 and 8 marked a shift as the wind began to stabilise. Consistency and focus among the sailors became crucial factors in climbing up the leaderboard, highlighted by Desert Eagle’s move from 5th overall to second place.

©Mikey Brignall - Cubai Offshore Sailing Club - DDF SB20 World Championships
©Mikey Brignall – Cubai Offshore Sailing Club – DDF SB20 World Championships

Enthusiasm and competitiveness among the teams remained high, with Ian Garretta , skipper of Jeune FFVoile 1, stating, “We had some good races but we did two very bad races. We managed to win the last race, and I think we finished 4th place in the second race of the day, so not very happy but we are still in the match.”

Kidzink, which secured the top position yesterday, retained its third-place standing on the leaderboard today, with Superbella trailing closely in second. However, claiming first place today was Desert Eagle, helmed by Hendrik Witzmann. Reflecting on the day’s events and the weather conditions, Hendrik remarked, “I have never had conditions like that in Dubai. The challenge we have of not taking too much risk to then suddenly be 30 or 40 which is easily possible. So it was ok for us today. I would say, we are happy.”

©Mikey Brignall - Cubai Offshore Sailing Club - DDF SB20 World Championships
©Mikey Brignall – Cubai Offshore Sailing Club – DDF SB20 World Championships

Alongside the thrilling races, the Race Village buzzes with activities for all, from interactive games to local cuisine stalls and live entertainment. It’s a lively atmosphere that enriches the Dubai Duty Free SB20 World Championships experience. Additionally, other members will savour a romantic dinner with DOSC’s Valentine’s offering.

For further updates and announcements, please stay tuned to the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club‘s official channels and website.

Overall Results after 8 races :
1st Kidzink ,Charlotte Borghesi, 24pts
2nd Desert Eagle, Hendrik Witzmann, 35pts
3rd Rental Car, Michael Buchanan, 41pts
4th Jeunes FFVoile 1, Garreta Ian, 43pts
5th SuperBella,Edoardo Martinelli, 47pts

Full results of the SB20 Worlds Championship 2024 here.

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Photo Credits: Mikey  Brignall
Video Credits: ICARUS Sports

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