SailTimer wind instrument new mounting options released soon

The wireless, solar-powered SailTimer wind instrument has a number of mounting options.

It is supplied with a vertical mounting rod which can be attached to the top of the masthead. The mounting rod is 22.8 centimetres (9″) long and marine-grade stainless steel. The foot of the mounting rod has four machine screws. The foot is  21 millimetres square, sturdy, yet smaller than a postage stamp.

SailTimer also has a standard tripod mount, that can be set on a beach for windsurfing or on a sailing dinghy using a GoPro camera mount.

Alternatively the mounting rod can be attached to a vertical surface such as a boathouse wall, the side of a mast or a stanchion using a marine-grade stainless steel L-bracket. The L-bracket also comes with wing-nut hose clamps for quick release or attaching with no tools.

The wind instrument can be easily removed from the mounting rod. Without the mounting rod, SailTimer is 20cm tall and portable. It has a 1/4-inch tripod thread in the bottom and will also attach to a GorillaPod.

Full product specifications will be available when the SailTimer wind instrument is officially launched and pre-ordering starts. Two new systems will also be available for raising the wind instrument to the masthead without needing to climb or lower the mast (patent pending).

The SailTimer Wind Instrument is the first wireless anemometer that can transmit directly from the masthead to smartphones and tablets.

Stock is anticipated by the second week of December. The previous anemometer has been redesigned with this new version resulting in innovations and a lower cost.  The new SailTimer Wind Instrument will be available to pre-order online for US $350 and will later retail for US $449.99.


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