Sails of Change in Jules Verne Trophy attempt

Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard are once more set to take on the Jules Verne Trophy, held since 2017 by Francis Joyon and his crew in a time of 40 days 23 hours 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Re-modelled for improved performance over the course of last winter, Sails of Change (ex-Spindrift 2) maxi-trimaran will be sailed by an 11-strong crew.

This will be Yann Guichard’s fourth attempt as skipper on this round the world passage under sail, and he is taking on two challenges as he aims to both secure the Jules Verne Trophy and produce all their energy requirements self-sufficiently. Indeed, for the very first time, the whole journey will be undertaken with no auxiliary engine.

This new energy challenge accompanies a series of technical solutions introduced over the winter, which relate to the cockpit, aerodynamics and central hull, the latter having been shortened by three metres.

This latest modification provides improved balance at the helm and reduces vibration aboard the largest racing multihull ever built (37 metres), which has been renamed specially for this attempt: Sails of Change.

The maxi-trimaran Sails of Change will set out from La Trinite-sur-Mer in south-west Brittany to make for the start line off Ushant as soon as there is a favourable weather window, with a standby commencing 1 November 2021.

2021 crew
Yann Guichard – Skipper
Dona Bertarelli – On board reporter
Benjamin Schwartz – Navigator
Jacques Guichard – Watch leader
Xavier Revil – Watch leader
Jackson Bouttell – Watch leader/Bowman
Duncan Spath – Crew
Thierry Chabagny – Crew
Gregory Gendron – Crew
Julien Villion – Crew
Yann Jauvin – Crew/Bowman
Jean-Yves Bernot – onshore router

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