SAILING Champions League returns to St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Yacht Club invites crews to take part in the Russian qualification CUP of the SAILING Champions League, and ultimately fight for the right to represent their home country in the 2022 Champions League’s Series final qualifier.

SAILING Champions League is a competition between the strongest yacht clubs in Europe. This competition is analogous to the UEFA football league. The SCL brings together the finalists of the national sailing leagues from Europe and Asia Pacific.

Fleet racing with the backdrop of St. Petersburg
Competitors will race in the MX700 sailing class. Pic – Andrey Sheremetev

Since 2015, St. Petersburg has regularly hosted one of the qualifying acts of the qualifying series. Spectacular races on the Neva have become the hallmark of Russian sailing in Europe.

In September 2021, the qualifying CUP of the SAILING Champions League returns to St. Petersburg. As the number of competitors is constantly growing, the SAILING Champions League has introduced multilevel qualification for the 2022 season.

Only three crews from the SAILING Champions League CUP will proceed to the SAILING Champions League Finals qualifier. At this stage, the SAILING Champions League finalists will be selected.

The SAILING Champions League CUP in St. Petersburg is open to all teams from any country. The winners’ will share the prize fund of 10 000 Euros.

Fleet racing with the backdrop of St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Yacht Club will be hosting the event in September. Pic – Andrey Sheremetev

The races will take place on September 23-26 in the home waters of the hosting Yacht Club of St. Petersburg. In addition, the host club supplies the participants with a fleet for the competition and renders all the visa support if needed.  The competition will be held in the MX700 class (similar to the J70 class).

Notice of race

– St. Petersburg Yacht Club

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