Sail Fiji cruising guide apps herald the modern age of blue water cruising

A new range of interactive cruising guide apps for iPad has just been launched by the Island Cruising Association (ICA). The Sail Fiji cruising guides are the first of their kind – a new breed of up-to-date digital navigational aids that allow blue water sailors to “cruise with confidence”.

The Sail Fiji apps are the first comprehensive new cruising guides to Fiji to be released in over 20 years. They have been painstakingly researched by ICA directors John and Lyn Martin, and developed into fully interactive apps that allow users to relate to the information within in a more user-friendly and intuitive way than traditional cruising guides in book format.

Three separate iPad apps cover the entire Fijian archipelago, featuring details on thousands of anchorages, waypoints, routes and services for sailors within the region. Sail Fiji app users can select an area of interest from a map of the region, and drill down to ever-more detailed information about that area.  The apps are also easily updated with new information and corrections, ensuring blue water cruisers can enjoy safer navigation both now and in the future.

The Sail Fiji apps also represent excellent value for money when compared to traditional cruising guides. The apps start at just US$2.99 for the Sail Fiji Companion guide, while the Sail Fiji: Eastern Fiji guide is just US$19.99, and the Sail Fiji: West & Central Fiji guide just US$29.99.

The complete Sail South Pacific series of cruising guide apps will eventually cover every South Pacific cruising destination. A clear advantage of these apps for blue water sailors is the space-saving benefit that they deliver. A single iPad will soon be able to hold all the information necessary for a complete circumnavigation of the South Pacific, massively reducing the need for on-board space that would normally be taken up by several large books.

The Sail Fiji apps are now available to iPad users, and can be purchased from the App Store. The Sail Tonga and Sail New Zealand apps are planned for release in the very near future, with further releases covering New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Australia and other South Pacific destinations also in the pipeline.

– ICAMedia


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