Resorts and marinas at a glance

Cruising The Whitsundays

Want to wine and dine during your holiday, or simply plan your cruise around reprovisioning spots? This handy-at-a-glance guide compiled by John Champion will help you do just that.

Peppers Palm Bay Long Island
Swing moorings either inside or outside the lagoon. Inner moorings involve a stern tie to a palm tree. The restaurant is well spoken of and a three-course dinner is $76 per person. No children under 14. Sunscreen and postcards are about the limit of provisioning possibilities. Tidal and draught restrictions may apply to lagoon moorings.
Cost: Outside moorings $15 per night, inside $45 per night then $25 per person to a maximum of 6 people.
Bookings required. Radio on VHF channel 16.

Club Crocodile, Happy Bay, Long Island
Swing moorings available in the bay. Bars, restaurant and water sports available, minimal restocking opportunities.
Cost: $75
No booking required ð simply take a mooring and visit water sports to pay or enquire on VHF 11. Anchoring is possible if all the moorings are taken.

Daydream Island
Swing moorings available on the eastern side of the resort. Moored boat crews have access to all island facilities, which include bars, restaurants, cafes, pools and a variety of spa treatments. There is a bakery on the island. Moorings farther from the reef are preferable here as boats have been damaged when wind and tide conspire to move them over the reef.
Cost: $75 per night.
Bookings are required. Radio on VHF 11.

South Molle Island, Bauer Bay
A large number of swing moorings have been installed in the bay here on the eastern side of the jetty. Resort facilities include a bar, restaurant, café, pool and a couple of basic shops that might fix you up with milk.
Cost: $49 for up to four people, an extra $5 per person thereafter.
No booking is required. Take a mooring and dinghy ashore to pay at the resort but keep your dinghy clear of the jetty and regular ferry services.

Hook Island Resort
Swing moorings again and the prudent will not anchor in the vicinity because the bottom is foul. Bread, milk and ice are often available in this Cost: $45 per vessel
Bookings not required. Take a mooring, and go ashore to pay or VHF 16.

Hamilton Island Marina

As a full-service marina this is the place for all your mid-charter needs. Fuel, water, rubbish disposal, showers, shore power, bakery, bottle shop, the lot; most everything is available at a price. For major provisioning head for Airlie Beach.
Cost: $80 per casual night. An hourly rate for short stays is available if space permits.
Booking is required. Radio the marina office on VHF 68 when line of sight is established. Entry is generally not available prior to 1100. During Race Week choose another location.

Club Med Lindeman Island

Swing moorings are available at $50 for a half day and $80 overnight and you may visit the resort for meals.
Cost: $95 for lunch and $130 for dinner per person. Prices include all drinks. Bookings required. VHF channel 16.

Meridien Abel Point Marina
As previously mentioned all is available here. Berth rates vary by boat length and duration of stay. Many marine services including chandlery, slipway, electrics/mechanical and all provisioning is available. VHF 09 when in line of sight of the marina. Refundable key deposits required.

Hayman Island Resort
The short answer is boats really aren't encouraged here, but if you are intent on dropping a year's cruising kitty they may oblige on Channel 16.

Laguna Quays Resort
Located between Mackay and Hamilton Island this is the marina of choice for many people who need to leave the boat for a while. Fuel, gas, bistro and bar are available. Rates dependent on vessel and length of stay. VHF 16, 09 &21. HF 2524.

Mackay Marina
This is the first Whitsundays marina you may encounter on the way north. As a large modern full service marina all is available including extensive haulout, maintenance and repair facilities. Mackay is a port of entry so you can clear out or in as required. As usual rates vary on vessel size and length of stay.

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