Register Now for the 2025 Transpac!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—Entries are now open for the 2025 edition of the Los Angeles to Honolulu Transpacific Yacht Race. Known as the Transpac and held biennially since 1906, this classic 2,225-mile ocean race is a bucket list event for many sailors and skippers, several of whom have signaled their commitment by registering early.

Among those quick to register and also quick on the water are Cecil Rossi’s Kernan 68 Peligroso, Greg Dorn’s Transpac 52 Favonius 2 and Cal Maritime Foundation’s Southern Cross 52 Vincitore.

Honors for the first 2025 Transpac entry go to Michael Marion’s Dufour 50 Insoumise. Marion raced the same boat in the 2023 Transpac but was forced to withdraw early after experiencing a serious rudder failure on day one, while sailing close-hauled from the west end of Catalina. “We were crushing it hard to windward for about eight hours, and we were firmly holding 2nd position in our class and gaining on the leader when our rudder showed clear signs of imminent failure at about 2:45am,” recounted Marion. “The early failure was a devastating blow, and a mixed blessing. If it occurred days later in the race it would have been much worse!”

“Having had an insurmountable rudder failure on the first long day of Transpac in 2023, I was eager to jump in with our early registration as soon as possible to show my commitment to my team and the Transpac community of sailors.”

Needless to say, a very strong reinforced rudder housing system has been a primary focus as he prepares to race the 2025 Transpac and achieve his life-long goal of sailing to Hawaii. For Marion and many other sailors, Transpac is as much an adventure as it is a race.

“I have always, since I was a kid, thought about how cool it would be to make a Pacific crossing from Southern California to Hawaii. However, I never really thought it would happen. After enjoying my Dufour for the past six years and with the realization that this boat would make the journey anywhere in the world, I started thinking about the long-abandoned dream of sailing to Hawaii.”

He added, “Our goal is to accomplish our best possible result. Winning our class is not out of the question, and within our capabilities. However, I will not consider that our efforts are unsuccessful if we do not win our class!”

Standard entry deadline | MARCH 1, 2025

Late entry deadline | MAY 30, 2025

Rating data due | MAY 30, 2025

Initial inspection deadline | JUNE 6, 2025

Person in Charge Meeting & Aloha Send-Off Party | JUNE 28, 2025

First Start | JULY 1, 2025

Second Start | JULY 3, 2025

Third Start | JULY 5, 2025


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