Redefining Adventures with the Axopar 45 Cross Top & Sun Top

Redefining Adventures with the Axopar 45 Cross Top & Sun Top

Prepare to embark on a new era of boating as Eyachts Australia and New Zealand proudly announce the arrival of the Axopar 45 Cross Top and Sun Top models. Boasting innovation, versatility, and outstanding performance, these boats redefine luxury adventure on the water.

Elevating Boating to Uncharted Horizons

Prepare to be captivated by the all-new Axopar 45 Cross Top and Sun Top models, set to revolutionize your boating experience. These vessels are not just boats; they are a license for adventure and freedom. At the stern, indulge in a world of possibilities with customizable layouts that cater to your every desire. Opt for the ‘Open’ configuration, offering a single lounge to maximize space, or embrace the ‘U-Sofa’ setup, featuring a U-shaped seating arrangement with an adjustable table, perfect for dining or transforming into an expansive sun pad for basking in the sun’s embrace. If overnighting is your calling, the additional ‘Aft Cabin’ configuration presents a spacious and inviting sunbed with interior access via the cockpit. For added entertainment and alfresco BBQ socialising, consider the ‘Aft Wet Bar,’ where a sink, grill, and fridge replace the rear fender locker on the starboard side.

Social Hub of Epic Proportions

Stepping into the cockpit, a world of socialisation and entertainment awaits. The main dining area unfolds with a table that effortlessly doubles in size, creating a comfortable, shaded haven beneath the sun top. The sofas comfortably accommodate ten guests, and the innovative ‘Side Wings’ extend outward, offering even more seating, transforming this area into a spacious hub for bonding with friends and family. Near the helm station, a practical and user-friendly internal wet bar stands ready, equipped with an induction cooktop, sink, and fridges, ensuring seamless meal and drink preparation. The helm station itself is a technological marvel, equipped with two 16-inch Simrad displays, intuitive controls, and an integrated multifunction steering wheel, featuring trim tabs, bow thruster, and audio controls.

Unleash Your Sense of Adventure

The Sunroof boasts a lofty design, ensuring ample headroom and featuring a double-opening electronic sunroof system that invites a cascade of natural light and sunshine. For water-sports enthusiasts, the Axopar 45 is well-equipped with three sets of roof racks, to carry your paddleboards, kayaks and more. To ensure your journey remains energized, you have the option to equip a solar panel, enabling extended voyages while providing peace of mind when your vessel is at rest. At the bow, a spacious sun pad awaits, accompanied by reassuring secure bolsters, cup holders, and for those seeking al fresco dining, the option to set up a table under the sun awning.

The Epitome of Versatility

Internally, the Axopar 45 is highly adaptable and versatile without compromising on luxury. The forward cabin features an extra large double V-berth, capable of converting into an inviting internal lounge. To further ensure your comfort, there is a fully equipped toilet and shower compartment, providing exceptional headroom and ample storage. Opt for the ‘Aft Cabin’ configuration, and you’ll double your sleeping capacity, ensuring a comfortable overnight stay for up to 4 guests.

A Choice as Unique as You

Distinguishing between the Axopar 45 Cross Top and Sun Top models, the primary distinction lies in their windscreen setup. The Cross Top seamlessly connects the windscreen to the sunroof, crafting an enclosed helm area, providing added protection from the elements. Conversely, the Sun Top presents a sportier allure with a sloped windscreen and a tantalizing gap between the sun top and the windscreen allowing for a more exhilarating wind-in-your-hair experience. Each model offers a distinctive charm, promising an unforgettable adventure on the water.

Setting a New Benchmark for Drivability

The Axopar 45 Cross Top and Sun Top have set an elevated standard for drivability, showcasing exceptional hydrodynamics that translate to outstanding fuel efficiency and agile handling. Joe, Eyachts Sales Manager, had the opportunity to put this vessel to the test and enthusiastically shared his insights, remarking, “It effortlessly reaches its top speed and maintains excellent stability throughout. The proven hull design on this larger platform is a game-changer, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience even when navigating challenging waters.” He described the boat’s handling as agile in turns, emphasizing that it feels as nimble as the 37.

A New Standard in Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is at the heart of the Axopar 45, and it delivers on its promise at various speeds. The boat’s unique and innovative hull design, a result of the collaboration between renowned naval architect Jarkko Jämsén and Axopar, underpins its remarkable performance. This design not only provides unmatched stability but also ensures seamless handling and optimal fuel efficiency, even when facing demanding water conditions. Industry experts glowing endorsement of the boat’s fuel efficiency echoes this sentiment, noting, “It strikes a perfect balance between power and efficiency.”

The first Axopar 45 Sun Top is set to arrive in Sydney in January 2024, followed by the second in the Gold Coast shortly after. Expressing his enthusiasm, Eyachts Managing Director Peter Hrones stated, “We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of these remarkable vessels in Australia in early 2024. As innovative new additions from the world’s foremost adventure boat manufacturer, Axopar, they are poised to make a substantial impact on the industry. We’re thrilled to note that we’ve already secured four off-the-plan orders, and many of our existing owners are upgrading, a testament to their deep appreciation for and trust in the Axopar product.” This highly-anticipated launch marks a milestone in Australian boating, promising to redefine the standards of excellence in the industry.

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