Recreational vessels being turned back at Queensland's border

Maritime Safety Queensland is QLD's lead agency in managing the maritime borders and is being assisted by enforcement partners QPS in actively patrolling the borders and enforcing restrictions. MSQ's Border Management Team is running 24 hour operations to monitor and intercept maritime traffic crossing Queensland's interstate borders.

MSQ is operating a strong intelligence network along the Queensland Coast, skippers are contacted by phone or radio for the number and identity of people on board and are required to provide evidence such as Border Declaration Passes, and proof of identification before gaining permission to enter Queensland waters. They are specifically asked if anyone on board has been in VIC, NSW or ACT in the last 14 days. Tracking history of a vessel's port of origin also shows if they have travelled from VIC, NSW or ACT.

Since 3 August 2020, 127 vessels have been intercepted, of these, six Quarantine Notices have been issued where individuals were transported to shore to quarantine within a hotel. One warning has been issued for a vessel owner not having appropriate paperwork. Vessels not permitted to enter QLD were turned around by QPS at the request of MSQ.

MSQ, along with enforcement partners, will continue to actively patrol the maritime border. Further information is available on the Queensland Health website. 

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