Rated shackles cost a lot of money – are they worth it? Ideas Locker investigates

So you are in the chandlery looking at two shackles: same size, both galvanised and they both look strong.

The rated shackle (the one with a painted pin usually) is $10, the other one is only $3.50. Tony Little’s photo shows why you should spend the extra money.

Tony’s anchor came up still attached, fortunately, but the shackle pin had simply pulled out of the thread, despite being moused.

However, if you have cheap Chinese chain with no identifying marks, It could be OK or it could be the same quality as that cheap shackle. The rated chain you did not buy was twice the price. Should you get that good shackle, or not? Look at this photo, as you can see this cheap shackle was moused yet it still failed.

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