Ragamuffin 100 hits Sydney Harbour with just 16 days to train

Australian Sailing + Yachting journalist/editor Bob Ross snapped this photo of Ragamuffin 100.

On her training sail in Sydney Harbour, after a fast turnaround of commissioning by Sydney City Marine, Ragamuffin 100 crew and skipper/owner Syd Fischer have just over two weeks to get to learn the new hull. One saving grace being that the deck is the same one used on the old Rags.

Up against well-drilled Wild Oats X1 and the US Comanche, plus the other 100 footers, Rags 100 has a large task ahead of her. Her crew has sailed together for a long time now and includes ex-Australian Sailing editor Vanessa Dudley.

Not to be discounted from the running.

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