Professional navigation for megayacht market

Designed to meet the most stringent requirements onboard commercial vessels, the next generation Simrad MX510/512 professional navigation system is now available to the megayacht market, providing the ultimate in navigational accuracy.

The Simrad MX510 is a two-serial port control and display unit, while the MX512 is a nine-serial port control and display unit. Both are compatible with the MX421, MX521A ‘smart' D/GPS antennas, MX525A Black Box DGPS receiver and MX575A DGPS Compass.

The MX510/512 systems feature Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM). With RAIM enabled, the MX510 and MX512 are IMO Type Approved – and carry CE, USCG, CCS (Pending) and Wheelmark approvals as well.

The MX510/512 systems are also backward compatible with MX421, MX521, MX525 ‘smart' antennas and MX575 DGPS Compass, for easy integration into existing navigation systems.

The new Simrad MX510/512 uses advanced PC-based technology and a powerful Intel PXA255 XScale processor to provide position data with the unprecedented speed and accuracy. Position can be presented in latitude/longitude (four decimal places), UTM, and a user-defined Grid (with optional software).

The MX510/512 can store up to 2000 waypoints with 20-character alphanumeric names and icons, and 100 routes with a dynamic number of waypoints (up to 2000 in all routes). A long list of special features includes GO TO, MARK and MOB keys, 3D Panoramic Steering Display, Tide, Speed Graph, Sun/Moon Almanac and Wind Calculations. Data is provided on a large and clear 14.5cm backlit LCD display.

New features provide the flexibility to use the MX510/512 as a stand-alone navigation system or in multi-control mode with one or more slaves via high-speed LAN connectivity. Operators also have the choice to save and restore navigation data using either a USB memory stick or through the unit's built-in flash RAM. Optional software updates can easily be made through either of the unit's two USB ports.

A user-friendly MMI (Man Machine Interface) – something professional navigators expect from MX products – expands the MX510/512's versatility and makes accessing its many advanced features easy. Its multi-port interface capabilities (using LAN or NMEA ports) provide easy integration with ECDIS, ARPA, Gyro and other important navigation information systems.

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