Polyphasic sleep for short-handed sailing

Polyphasic sleep management when sailing single-handed is one of those aspects that terrorises each and every sailor who has not yet sailed by themselves.

It is not a simple subject to deal with and requires plenty of practice. It is only with time that we learn how to manage polyphasic sleep both single-handed and short-handed. Obviously the two are quite different. However, the basic principles that are at the basis of the single-hander’s sleep management, are useful in determining watches when sailing double-handed.

Polyphasic sleep management – fundamental principles

In order to understand the difficulties in managing sleep we have to take a step back. When we are born we sleep and wake regularly to breastfeed. Our body isn’t in fact programmed to stay awake for the whole day and sleep during the whole night. It is between birth and the age of four to five that we learn how to sleep like an adult, but we do so going against nature.

For the full story, see: https://globalsolochallenge.com/polyphasic-sleep/

By Marco Nannini

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