Open60AAL Innovation Yachts launches

Finally, after five months of optimization and preparation, Norbert Sedlacek and the Innovation Yachts team are proud to announce the launching of their Open60AAL Innovation Yachts, to take place on Tuesday 26 March, starting from 8am in commercial harbour of Les Sables d’Olonne.

This is an important step which brings Norbert Sedlacek closer to his departure and his record attempt. He will sail to the Azores in the beginning of May on board the Open60AAL to prove the reliability of the yacht for the big turn.

When he gets back, all the team will prepare, verify and stock everything on board for his circumnavigation. The big departure will be on Sunday 21 July at 6pm.

After crossing the start line at the lighthouse of Les Sables d’Olonne, France, Sedlacek will set course to south-west Greenland, and then further northwest through the north-west passage. Reaching the Bearing Sea, he will sail south to cross the Pacific Ocean before rounding Cap Horn for the first time.

Circumnavigating Antarctica and then Cap Horn for the second time, the skipper will set course north back to les Sables d’Olonne.

Conditions during this unique challenge, when Sedlacek will face icy arctic waters, storms, doldrums and a lot of unknown situations, will bring the skipper and his yacht to the limits.

The Ant Arctic Lab is not only a sailing world record attempt, it will take the concept ‘Around Alone’ and laboratory testing to new heights to succeed in this epic quest.

Testing technological, software and engineering developments – for ultimate proof of quality, safety, functionality and durability and of course, setting a new sailing world record are the main goals of this project.

With Sedlacek behind the steering wheel on the trendsetting Open60AAL, the first racing yacht built from volcanic fibre, the company feels quite optimistic to set a new world sailing record and show the nautical industry what the future will bring: Fully recyclable and skin neutral yacht building materials, 100 percent renewable energy out of hydro generators and solar panels, new body protection materials and technologies and many more upcoming developments for more safety, long lasting quality and functionality.”

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