One year to go until Fremantle to Bali Ocean Race and Rally

Tropical islands, warm and balmy breezes, crystal clear waters – the image that every yacht owner aspires to at least once in their lifetime. A bucket list must!

Fremantle to Bali is a 1440 nautical mile voyage and the 2020 iteration of the race is timed to celebrate Fremantle Sailing Club’s Centenary. With a little sensible planning, it is a wonderful opportunity for east coast yacht owners to take advantage of not just a long distance, warm weather race, but to enjoy the opportunity for extending cruising in Indonesia that comes with the entry.

For those thinking of a Sydney-Hobart campaign, there are many options. Port Lincoln Race Week, Geographe Bay Race Week in Busselton and a variety of coastal hops in Western Australia should satisfy even the most dedicated yachtsman. Many of these events, like the Bali Race, run a Rally alongside the dyed-in-the-wool racers.

The inaugural Fremantle to Bali Race first began in 1981, the event has continued steadily, apart from a twelve-year hiatus that was prompted by political unrest. This prominent event is now hosted by the Fremantle Sailing Club and continues to operate every 2 to 3 years with the support of the Indonesian Tourism Authority. In addition, the club has recently created a new monthly event called “Topic Nights Freo to Bali, Warm-up Series”, whereby various speakers come together to share their past experiences and to provide support to the 2020 fleet. Topic Nights are open to the general public and held at the Fremantle Sailing Club, once a month, held on a Thursday night and are posted on FSC YouTube Channel.

Fremantle Sailing Club is delighted to have received 54 expressions of interest from boats and 51 from crew. The 2020 race is certainly poised to set a new benchmark. The club’s vast experience of this event translates into a very smooth passage to Indonesia with assistance with boat entry and departure clearance and with appropriate visas. So now is the time to stop procrastinating and set sail for the tropical island you’ve always dreamed of.

For further information visit Fremantle to Bali 2020 website or the Fremantle Sailing Club on 08 9435 8800.

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