OGR – Translated 9 out with Hull Damage

Translated 9 ITL (09) has retired from the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race with hull damage. The current IRC leader of Leg four has been forced to divert to Portugal after a heavy broach in 50 knot gusts slammed them down, reopening previously repaired cracks in their hull around the rudder skeg, causing water ingress. They are expecting to make landfall around 11th April.

At approx. 0530 hrs UTC 5th April, OGR race control received a text message from co-skipper Nico Malingri stating that the yacht’s previous rudder skeg repairs were failing with obvious signs of delamination with the original hull. They had reduced sail and were heading downwind to monitor the situation and assess options – The skipper then called via sat phone at approx. 1400 hrs UTC to report the complete failure of the previous repairs, resulting in water ingress and hull flexing. All pumps were ready and while not expected, all preparations to abandon ship were made and all sailing pressure taken off the boat. The weather was moderate 25-30K with 3–4-meter seas. The skipper did not request any assistance at that time.

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