Ocean Solutions appointed Australian distributor of the METS award winning Seabung

Maintenance of skin fittings is often negelected due to the time and expense involved. Underwater fitting failure is responsible for 50 per cent of moored boat sinkage.

Such a small piece of equipment as a seacock or hose can be responsible for huge amounts of damage. Seabung introduces a quick and simple way to schedule this critical job into routine safety checks. No need to haul out for inspections with Seabung as it plugs fittings while afloat allowing you cost effective repair or replacement.

Remove and re-use whenever. Seabung is also an essential emergency device, outperforming the traditional wooden bung in speed, ease of use and permanence of application.

A seacock can be replaced in under two minutes. The device will cover holes between 19 -51 centimetres and provides a permanent repair. It is able to be tethered even if close to the waterline.

Each pack of two Seabungs (supplied in diameters of 60 and 90mm) contains a super flexible tear resistant dome and simple 'how to use' instructions.

Contact Ocean Solutions: 1300 791 432

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