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RMC Swing Thruster
The RMC Swing Thruster is aimed at making manoeuvring in marinas an easy process. Controls are via a keypad and joystick. Noise reduction is another feature and it is also designed to have minimal cavitation.
As well as managing the boat?s momentum and altering its direction in tight situations, it folds neatly away when not needed, avoiding water resistance and marine growth.

The unit can be installed on bow or stern and there are a range of power options: from 2.2KW 12v up to 8.0KW 24v. This is intended to suit 25 to 70ft sail or power boats. Professional installation is recommended.

Swing Thruster has been pre-installed by Hanse, Hallberg-Rassey, Maxi Yacht and Delphia yachts, among others.

For more information: Call 07 54492960 or visit products.

The LED Thru-Hull SeaLite
The LED Thru-Hull SeaLite is the next evolution of the popular Thru-Hull SeaLite product line. This new thru-hull lighting system uses the latest LED technology to create a fixture that offers good light output, is extremely rugged and most importantly, safe.
Boat owners can use the Thru-Hull SeaLites as attractive mood lighting while at the dock or functionally to aid in night-time boating, fishing, diving and photography. DeepSea's LED Thru-Hull SeaLite features 18 high colour temperature LEDs, each with its own reflector to distribute the light for maximum effect. The result is a wide, even dispersion of light that is pleasing to the eye.
The 316 stainless steel housing was engineered with two double seals, ensuring that the LED Thru-Hull SeaLite will remain watertight, even in the harshest environments. With the LED driver board integrated into the watertight housing, installation is trouble-free; simply run the power cable from the back of the light to your power source. In addition, thermal compensation circuitry regulates the temperature of the LEDs, improving the life of the LEDs and allowing the light to be run in air. Unlike other LED lights on the market, DeepSea's LED Thru-Hull SeaLite is serviceable from inside the boat. With a 50,000-hour life, the unit requires no bulb maintenance.

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Sailing for Dummies (ANZ edition)
The Dummies books are known for their no-nonsense approach to subjects and this sailing guide is no exception. Intended for the learner and the progressive sailor or crew alike, the 460-page edition is packed with useful information. The ANZ edition includes words from our America's Cup winning hero John Bertrand and inside, well-credentialed authors take the reader through many useful subjects, including chartering, sailing with kids and the basics of racing.

Written by an expert team, especially for Australian and New Zealand sailors, it takes into account the weather patterns of the Southern hemisphere and the sailing regulations that apply here, (such as when coming into port) and where they differ from what you would find in most other sailing books, like Sailing for Dummies (US edition).

Starting from the basics of where you can learn, what to wear and what to expect from your first lessons, Olym
For the more experienced sailor, Sailing for Dummies (ANZ edition) offers advice on getting started in racing, how to plan a trip around the world, what to look for when buying a boat.

Like every Dummies book there is the 'section of tens' that include:
Ten questions to ask yourself when buying a boat
Ten tips for cruising with pets
Ten nautical knots and how to tie them
Ten notable Aussie and Kiwi Sailors

Its publicist's description of ?light-hearted but not lightweight? sums up this paperback volume well.
RRP: $34.95

Yamaha 9.9hp
Yamaha's latest 4-stroke outboard has a lightweight and compact design but gives the boat owner a lot of choices – two types of boat control, three types of shaft length, two types of tiller handle, three types of starter plus two types of tilt method.

The SOHC, in-line two-cylinder engine displaces 212cm3 and is designed as a 9.9hp unit, rather than a detuned larger engine. All controls are front mounted, and for portability, large grips are mounted on the bottom of the cowling for easy carrying.

Start is manual or electric and power is 7.3kW at 5500rpm. The dry weight is 39.9kg.

For further information contact: Yamaha Motor Australia, Ph: 07 3906 7000 or visit

Flir Navigator
Coursemaster Autopilots distributes the FLIR Systems range of thermal imaging cameras. The latest cameras offer clear images in various conditions including total darkness, fog and smoky conditions. The Navigator range has numerous marine applications including locating channel markers, shipping lane traffic, other vessels, security and threat detection, and of course man-overboard searches.

Thanks to volume production and recent technological developments, thermal imaging systems are now more affordable.

For more information: Contact Coursemaster on02 9417 7097 or visit

Selden Asymetric Rib Technology
JPK 11.80 July 2024
Jeanneau JY55
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