North South's Yachting's MD Bob Mulkearns Visits X-Yachts Factory

In a recent visit to the X-Yachts factory in Denmark, Bob Mulkearns (MD of North South Yachting) was impressed by the strength and strategy of the prestigious Danish manufacturer:

“Considering the economic hardship stories prevalent in the marine industry, X-Yachts is doing very well.
The timing of my visit was fortunate as there was a great deal to see in the two short days I spent at the factory.

The first thing was a 100'th build celebration for the X-34. The 34 has been an outstanding success. The performance polar's, internal volume, fantastic use of space and the price all combine to demonstrate why this model has taken off. It has similar internal volume to the old X-362, better cockpit space and handy life-raft storage, all fantastic benefits. We're keen to see one or two in Australia, so anybody looking for a high quality performance yacht at a reasonable price need to look no further than the X-34.

Next was the launching of the prototype of the X-65 – what a boat ! Carbon mast, a multitude of high tech equipment and some fantastic innovations, something for the serious yachtsman. I saw it out on the hardstand, mast being stepped on the Monday and fitting out of the running rigging and instrumentation on the Tuesday. The whole factory turned out on the Monday for the launch.

The two Xc Cruising models, xc-42 and Xc-45, were side by side on the hard on Monday next to an X43. This was a great opportunity to visualise the differences between the Xc Cruising models the Performance Cruiser range. The first thing you notice is the sheer volume of the hulls and the depth in the hull around the keel. This gives great sea handling characteristics as well as loads of under floor tankage and stowage.

Both externally and internally, the Xc Cruisers have the feel of a much larger boat. Compared to similar sized Performance Cruisers there are stand-out differences:

Xc-42 gross weight = 11,400kg. X-43 gross weight = 8,600kg.
Xc-45 gross weight = 14,320kg. X-46 gross weight = 10,400kg. X-50 gross weight 12,400kg.

These are significant comparison's and point to why the boats seem bigger and carry so much internal volume and storage. The other significant factor is the very sheer stern with the intricate retracting bathing platform slowing for use of every inch of internal space. In general, it would be fair to compare the Xc-42 to most 45's at least and the Xc-45 to a 50 ft yacht. With these comparisons in mind and the massive number of standard inclusions, these yachts are truly the Rolls Royce of ocean cruisers and built to the very highest quality standards.

While the quality is expected of X-Yachts, it is the attention to detail that sets them apart. Everything has been thought of right down to where the washing machine will fit and I feel there is likely little a cruising buyer could think of that has not been considered for these boats. Our customers who travelled to the factory to inspect these particular models were blown away by the attention to detail and just how much there was to get their heads around in considering which of the two boats best suited their needs. In summary, after two days of exhaustive discussion and comparisons the following conclusions were reached:

The Xc-42 suits extended coastal cruising for a couple with occasional guests where long range voyages were not so frequent that a larger boat may be needed.

The Xc-45 suits the same profile as the xc-42 but offers a greater platform for extended offshore cruising requiring more storage capacity and allowing for modifications such as a workshop or laundry.

Our first customer's choice was the Xc-45 as it fitted their long term live aboard aspirations and ocean crossing storage needs. The factory visit was certainly worthwhile and we recommend any customer to do the same in depth-analysis over two days at the factory.”

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