North Sails says 3Di NORDAC delivers “a smoother and more permanent aerodynamic shape”


3Di NORDAC combines our unique composite molded sail technology with reliable polyester that cruising sailors have trusted for decades. The result is an innovative cruising sail with smoother and more permanent aerodynamic shape. By using exclusive spread filament manufacturing, North Sails is able to extract a new level of performance from a traditional fiber.

North Sails developed 3Di NORDAC strictly with small to medium-sized cruising boats in mind. We’ve built more cruising sails than any other sailmaker in history, and our experience inspired us to reinvent the dacron cruising sail. 3Di NORDAC gives you greater control, more comfort, and better speed in an affordable and durable package.

3Di NORDAC is an ideal choice for you when:

  • You appreciate great sail shape.
  • You enjoy getting the most from your boat’s performance.
  • You expect durability and great value.
  • You want better sail performance than woven cross cut sails can ever provide.

Nordac Highlights

  • One-piece, 3D molded composite construction.
  • 100% polyester for ultimate durability.
  • White color with excellent tear and abrasion resistance.
  • Variable fiber density and orientation for optimized matching of material to loads.
  • Integrated internal batten pockets, corner reinforcements and reef structure.
  • Inherent UV toughness.

Recommended Use

Coastal, Offshore and Global Cruising (small to mid-size boats).

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