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NAVatHOME Australia is the perfect online learning platform for sailors and motor boat enthusiasts keen to hone their skills, including navigation, passage planning, weather forecasting, rules of the road and more.

Practical sailing skills only get you so far. Without the theoretical knowledge to back it up, skippers become too dependent on GPS devices, and are unaware of the shortfalls. That’s where NAVatHOME Australia comes in.

Founded by the Punch family in Western Australia, NAVatHOME have been the leading providers of RYA shore based courses in Australia for almost 15 years. They have pioneered the delivery of the Royal Yachting Association’s (RYA) online courses and are recognised as the industry leader in providing e-learning of RYA accredited navigation and Seamanship courses.

NAVatHOME Australia is the sister school to NAVatHOME, founded by Victor Punch in Gibraltar. The two schools share resources and instructors.

Students can undertake NAVatHOME Australia courses in their own home, at a convenient time and pace.

Each course is delivered by a combination of web based presentation, readings, step by step interactive animations, videos, interactive simulators. The RYA accredited courses include a physical course pack including practice charts and an almanac to assist students as they work through a series of exercises.

Weather chart from BOM
NAVatHOME Australia have been providing online theory courses for almost 15 years. Pic – BOM

Below are just some of the courses offered by NAVatHOME:

Introductory Navigation and Skipper Course – This is latest NAVatHOME Australia course, created in response to public demand for an introductory navigation course appropriate for local conditions. This course uses Australian navigational information in a simple, easy to follow format that provides students the basics to be able to handle a large yacht by themselves.

RYA Day Skipper Theory – This course is the recommend RYA entry level course and is the  gateway to adventure for the amateur sailor. It is intended for those looking to adventure in familiar waters, and for those who want to be able to have the skills to take the family to sea safely.

RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory – Suitable for sailors completing the Coastal Skipper practical course and for those working towards a commercial skipper licence. This course defines the standard of offshore and coastal navigation.

Sextant navigation
Following the course, student can put the skills learnt with NAVatHOME into action. Pic – 59° North Sailing

RYA Yachtmaster Fast Track – This course combines the Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster into one fast track course. This course is perfect for those just starting out and wanting to achieve their Yachtmaster in one hit, or for those with lots of practical experience but with no formal training. In one easy course, students develop skills so that they can go out and explore the coastline.

RYA Ocean Master – This course delves into the workings of ocean weather patterns and celestial navigation. If you have your Yachtmaster Offshore certification, and the practical experience – this course will slingshot you to your Yachtmaster Ocean qualification.

For more courses, see:

Image of lights required on a boat at night
Each course is delivered by a combination of web based presentation, readings, step by step interactive animations, videos, interactive simulators. Image – Astrolabe Sailing

Wherever you may be in the world, NAVatHOME Australia can deliver the course packs to you ASAP, and the online theory component will be accessible almost straight away.

Students have six months to complete their chosen course with options to extend. NAVatHOME know that life is stressful, but being on the water should not be. They don’t want you to feel pressure about completing the course in a time limit.

For those who prefer a classroom environment, NAVatHOME have now partnered with Ivan Signorelli, an experienced navigator based in Sydney with several Sydney Hobart Races under his belt. Through his Zoom based tutorial sessions, Ivan will guide students through the challenging tidal and chart work aspects of the courses.

The NAVatHOME team want to see their students succeed in the world of sailing, and can be easily contacted if students need assistance or have any course-related questions.

See the NAVatHOME website to find out more about courses, course packages and to access their free online trial. For any questions, contact Alan:

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