National Championships in Australian Sailing + Yachting

Every year Australian Sailing + Yachting magazine features the results from a number of national championships from around the country in the April/May issue. The feature will include a photo, a few sentences about the regatta, including the highlight of the event and the top three results and number of boats in the fleet. A full regatta report will also be posted to

With a number of nationals starting in the next few weeks here is a reminder of what we need for your class's championship to be included:

  • One high res image with caption and photo credit.
  • Top three results with both boat and crew names and fleet size.
  • Two or three sentences including a highlight of the regatta
  • Full regatta report to be posted on

Please send your submission to by February 24th to ensure your class features in the April/May issue of Australian Sailing + Yachting.

To get your full regatta report on, as soon as possible after the event concludes:

  • Provide a summary of the championship as a Word document. Do NOT send PDFs.
  • Provide two or three low-res images (preferably including the winner/s). Do NOT send high res.
  • Provide a list of the top 10 place-getters in a simple format.

Send the report and images to

A few hints for writing the reports:

  • Figures between one and nine should be written as words, not numbers.
  • Don't over-capitalise the first letter of nouns. Words like “club” and “leader” do not have a capital letter.
  • Unless it's the Sydney-Hobart or the America's Cup, your event is not “iconic” and the trophy is not “coveted”. Those words are badly over-used.
  • Know the difference beyween “lead” and “led”. “He was in the lead.” “She led around the first mark.”
  • You can put more than one sentence into a paragraph.
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