Nathan Outteridge creates a series of foiling Moth tutorials

The International Moth Class isn't exactly a new sailing class, yet the learning curve would have to be one of the steepest out there. Moths have been on foils for almost 10 years, yet besides talking to fellow moth sailors, there isn't a lot of information to help you master the skills and techniques needed to fly.
Even now, you can't exactly enrol your kids into a school to learn how to foil. So, the progression of the class has relied on sailors informally sharing their knowledge either in the boat park or online. Until now…
Before the 2014 International Moth World Championships, I was speaking with a few guys from the UK Moth Association about covering the event and how we could get the most info out there to encourage new and future moth sailors. The idea came up to produce an educational series featuring one of the top moth sailors demonstrating and explaining how to sail these little flying machines. I was in the fortunate position that my brother, Nathan Outteridge, was happy to help present these videos. His relationship with Ronstan and his moth sailing experience made for a great fit and he became the obvious choice for the job. 
During the 2014 Moth World Championships, Nathan and I captured what we needed to put these videos together, keeping in mind the voiceovers could be done later. Over many long hours in the “studio” and “editing suite” (mostly airports and hotel rooms), we put together this video series. Nathan made sure that we covered the key elements he struggled with back in 2008 when he first began sailing the foiling moth. 
With the 2015 Moth Worlds on the horizon, we hope this educational series will help moth sailors out there, from beginners to rock stars, continue their development in this unique class.
Below is a link to the video playlist on YouTube…
by Beau Outteridge
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