Nacra F20 Carbon Launched

Morrelli & Melvin have collaborated with Nacra's design team to introduce the latest addition to the Nacra range of high performance racing catamarans.

After 18 months of controlled testing of beams, rigs, hulls and foils, the Nacra F20 Carbon performance racing catamaran has been launched.

Peter Vink, the head of Nacra's design team, proudly introduced the new boat and stated, “We took all the best features and characteristics of our current F18 Infusion, which has won the last two F18 Worlds, and applied them to the new boat. The F20 Carbon builds on the proven rudder system, mast extrusion and beams of the F18.”

Excited with the recent surge of interest in multihulls and the elegant packaging of so many design breakthroughs in the Nacra F20, Morrelli & Melvin's co-founder and avid F18 racer, Pete Melvin, commented, “The hull shape we drew for the new Nacra F20 catamaran derives it's bloodlines from a long line of successful multihull designs such as the Nacra Infusion. It also benefits from evolutionary improvements garnered from our involvement with A Class catamarans, ocean racing multihulls, and the current America's Cup.”

The list of F20 design highlights Melvin referred to is long and includes an optimized hull shape that benefits from a symbiotic relationship with the curved lifting foils, spray drag reduction that incorporates hard “release edges” to reduce wetted area, enhanced recovery from nose-dives promoted by the specially contoured foredeck, and advanced volume distribution that takes advantage of wave-piercing technology while enhancing longitudinal stability.

These design developments add performance by improving speed and by making the boat easier to sail fast. Both elite sailors and club racers will appreciate the enhancements to this new cat.

Production is eminent and the first boats will be delivered during the first quarter of 2010.

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