Multihull Solutions to distribute Neel Trimarans

Multihull Solutions has been appointed exclusive Australasian distributor of the new NEEL Trimarans.

The company has just unveiled the NEEL 50 trimaran, a new generation multihull .

Designed to offer large volumes whilst maintaining offshore performance, the trimaran has a large platform fitted on slim floats and hulls. The rigging design has been inspired by racing trimarans.

The NEEL 50's broad width brings optimal stability in high seas and its PVC foam sandwich construction and anti-collision partitions make the trimaran unsinkable and even lighter than water.

Three fins protect the hulls, rudder and propeller, while the main fin enables the NEEL 50 to conveniently land on a ramp or beach for exploring or sheltering in inclement weather.

Designed by Joubert-Nivelt, the NEEL 50 also has a state-of-the-art interior.

Further information about the NEEL 50 trimaran can be obtained by contacting Multihull Solutions on 07 5452 5164, emailing or visiting the website at

NEEL 50 Specifications

Length: 15.24 m
Beam: 11.20 m
Draft: 1.10 m
Displacement (L) 9 T
Mainsail: 90 m²
Genoa: 70 m²
Staysail: 30 m²
Diesel engine: 75 hp / 58 kw
Diesel capacity: 500 l
Water capacity: 700 l
Designers : Joubert-Nivelt
Structural calculations : Tensyl
Fittings : Lewmar, Antal
Sails : Incidence
Mast : Z-Diffusion
Gennaker furler : Facnor
Helm system : JP3
High-Tech composit rudder and fins : C3 Technilogies
Mast rigging : Blew Stoub
Running rigging : Lancelin
Engine : Volvo
Saddlery : Christian Costes
EC certification : ICNN

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