Moth Euro Cup comes to an end in Lake Garda

The EFG MothEuroCup came to a close this weekend on beautiful Lake Garda at the Yacht Club Acquafresca. The big players were repeat top finishers from previous events: Chris Rast, Carlo De Paoli, Giovanni Galeotti and Matthias Renker.

Carlo De Paoli was right on Chris Rast’s heels all weekend and a great deal of the time in ahead of him. Chris Rast explained, “This was the first event that I was able to focus on tactics and not on boat handling and speed.” This showed because even when De Paoli had a significant lead, Rast was able to reduce the distance with tactical calls, seeing a breeze line or shift and responding to it accordingly.

Matthias Renker had made major boat modifications since Act 4 in Switzerland. He felt that he had to relearn his boat, “I had no feeling anymore and felt lost.” By the end of the six races he had found his pace again and felt good about his racing. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to beat Galeotti for third position.

Act 6 began with unusual weather for Lake Garda, no wind and rain in the forecast.The sailors remained positive with the help of the cheerful and radiant restaurant staff of the club. As predicted on the first day the wind did not build, but it allowed for boat work to be completed.

As with many of the alpine sailing venues there can be wonderful wind in the morning. The sailors for the next two days got up with the sun and attempted to complete some racing, but we had no luck. There was enough wind to sail but not to complete a race. Luckily, the afternoon southerly breeze did arrive both days and a total six races were completed. At the prize giving the yacht club presented prizes to the top sailors and we had a raffle drawing for the merchandise from our series sponsors Mach2 and SLAM.

With a total of five Act wins the EFG MothEuroCup grand prize of Euro 3000 was awarded to Chris Rast of Switzerland. This year we are proud to announce that 89 sailors from 12 countries took part in the EFG MothEuroCup. We thank our title sponsor EFG International for making this series possible! We hope to see more moth sailors next year!

– Dani Rast

M.O.S.S Australia
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JPK 11.80 July 2024