Meade Gougeon will be signing copies of The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction

Meade will be at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart February 6th through 9th 2015.

The modern wooden boatbuilder is no longer limited to traditional wooden boatbuilding methods based on durability of wood species and construction details based on fastening techniques. Extensive chapters on lofting, safety, tools and construction methods are described with the aid of hundreds of detailed illustrations and photographs. This edition focuses on boat construction in which wood and WEST SYSTEM epoxy are used as the primary engineering materials.

Decades of experience building with wood and epoxy are compiled in this book. Used as a textbook in boatbuilding schools there are over 100,000 copies in print. Meet the author Meade Gougeon and obtain a signed copy at the Festival.

The WEST SYSTEM epoxy range offers a complete line of products for a wide range of wooden boat building needs.  For new wooden boat construction, it provides the means to build a beautiful and efficient, wood, composite craft, and the same components can be used for wooden boat repairs and restoration.

WEST SYSTEM epoxy products are manufactured in Australia by ATL Composites under licence to WEST SYSTEM Inc, USA.  
Visit  or call (07) 5563 1222 for further information.

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