Mathew Flinders takes flight 200 years later

Epsilon Research has launched a major fund raising program with the release of the magnificent coffee table book “If Matthew Flinders had Wings” (IMFW).

The 280-page book is the culmination of two circumnavigations of Australia by prominent businessman Richard Buxton – by air and sea – that retraces the steps of cartographer Matthew Flinders. Flinders was the first man to map Australia's entire coastline (1801-1803), and he is credited with naming the continent. The book follows in his wake as closely as possible and documents a land substantially unchanged from his journey more than 200 years ago.

The first $500,000 in proceeds from the book will go to Alzheimer's Australia to fund dementia research.
Buxton adopted the Alzheimer's cause when he saw the impact it had on his own family and on elderly Australians living in his luxury retirement chain Rylands. “When I saw the devastating effects of Alzheimer's on my mother and our most senior citizens I decided to dedicate myself to raising funds for dementia research,” Buxton said.

Glenn Rees, National Chief Executive Officer of Alzheimer's Australia, says his organisation is incredibly grateful to Richard for his significant pledge to support dementia research. “Today almost one quarter of a million Australians have dementia, with over 1,100 new cases every week,” Mr Rees says. “Investment in research – whether for cause, cure or care – is a key strategy for addressing the dementia epidemic, so this chronic health condition is not a problem for future generations.

“Now, with the assistance of Richard Buxton and those who buy his book, we can increase funding for research. This will help Alzheimer's Australia as we work towards our vision of a world without dementia.”

A committed sailor and pilot, Richard Buxton first flew 10,000 nautical miles around Australia in a single engine Cessna 182 S in a 56 day epic that had him his stop in 22 locations from major cities to outback villages and isolated stations. Then came the sea voyage, the true re-creation of Flinders epic journey. Undertaken in a 12 metre Cavalier yacht starting from Melbourne, he completed the circumnavigation 30 months later sailed back to Melbourne on 14 March 2007. Now after more than a total of 20,000 nautical miles (36,000 kms) Richard Buxton has launched the book.

The book is an international photographic reference and history about the discovery of the Australian coastline and how it looks today – 200 years on from the days of Matthew Flinders. The book also tells the story of Richards's circumnavigations – with both sea and air commentary – and features 572 of the 8000 photographs he took along the way.

The book has been funded by the Epsilon Research Fund, a charitable foundation established by the Buxton family that directs profits to research institutions for exploration into the prevention of a variety of diseases. The patron is John Bertrand.

Initial sale of the first print run of 7000 books are expected to raise $500,000 inclusive of pledges and donations. About 2000 copies will be available through quality bookshops and the majority through direct order from the Epsilon Foundation and Alzheimer Australia's state offices.

The journey has been supported by Rylands Independent Living Apartments. ANZ, Bowens and Pitcher Partners who are the Epsilon Research Fund Major Sponsors and have contributed to the cost of publishing the book together with numerous other sponsors.

Epsilon Research Fund is keen to hear from any organisations interested in distributing the book. Organisations to have already signed on for the book include all the major sponsors, new corporations and individuals Australia-wide.

For updates and further information visit or contact the Epsilon Research Fund direct on 03 9644 7000.

Facts about dementia:
? 234,640 people have dementia in Australia, with the number expected to be 731,030 by 2050 unless there is a medical breakthrough
? There are over 1,100 new case of dementia every week in Australia
? Over one million Australians are involved in caring for a family member or friend with dementia
? By 2016 dementia will be the largest cause of disability burden in Australia.

For more information, advice and support contact Alzheimer's Australia Vic via the
National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 or

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