Mariners Diary 2020 – the handiest boating book

An innovative and informative three-in-one boating book has just been released, designed to save mariners time, money and space.

Mariners Diary 2020, written specifically for Australia and New Zealand, brings together important information into one concise, comprehensive and easy-to-follow book. 

Combining ready reference, diary and/or ship’s log, Mariners’ Diary 2020 saves you time searching through books and schedules for essential information. It also saves you money as it’s only $39.95 RRP for more than 400 pages and saves space, as you only need the one publication instead of many.

The ready reference section is full of diagrams, illustrations and photographs, supported by concise descriptions rather than wordy text. Topics include safety at sea, navigation, first aid, dockside and seamanship. It features the most comprehensive weather sourcing information ever published for Australia and New Zealand, and the communications sections has a complete list of marine frequencies and their uses.

The 12-month diary doubles as a ship’s log and the book is practical for professional, commercial and leisure mariners or use in your home, office or that other office, your boat. That’s why we call it ‘the handiest boating book.’

Lisa Blair, who made history becoming the first woman to sail solo around Antarctica, wrote the foreword to the book.

“Not everyone wants to sail solo around Antarctica or take on the types of extreme sailing that I do but everyone needs to be prepared to face the challenges of being on the water regardless of whether you’re out fishing in a tinnie for a couple of hours, sailing for a month, or powering up the coast,” Ms Blair said.

“The unexpected can happen at sea at any time so having a comprehensive and concise resource like Mariners Diary on-board any vessel is a great aid. It offers a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of areas that can assist you from your pre-departure planning through to helping to keep you safe at sea and dealing with emergencies.”

Mariners’ Diary is up-dated yearly to keep you abreast of communications and technological advances, as well as changes to government and marine regulations.

COST: Only $39.95 RRP (wholesale and logo embossed rates also available)

AVAILABILITY:  Around Australia & New Zealand at chandleries, on and Ebay. Or directly from Mariners Diary. 

Ph:  1300 306 381 or +61 (7) 33438384


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