Marine Rescue Technologies launch new man overboard products

Marine Rescue Technologies Ltd., UK based manufacturers of the Sea Marshall® brand of Maritime Survivor Locating Device systems, have launched a new range man overboard safety products aimed at mariners who want to be able to self manage a man overboard orlost diver incident without relying on the coastguard as the first respondes.

The new systems are designed for use in the harshest offshore commercial environments but are at a price which makes them affodable by the leisure user.

They include:
1. Mullion ‘SOS' 275N Mariner SOLAS lifejacket with integral MOB locator beacon.
2. SARfinder® GPS plot MOB LOCATOR safety system 
3. Crewguard GPS plot MOB ALERT safety system 
The system is sold in a modular format which allows it to be tailored to the requirment of the end user, the ship mounted receiver/locator part  includes a free test and training beacon.

Livebeacons for the crew are purchased on top of this as required. The beacons can be fitted into a lifejacket or worn around the neck as a pendant. MRT is now selling a newly developed Mullion 275N SOLAS275N SOSjacket which holds the beacon inside, also a 150N Parmaris jacket to create a complete safety package. This system is being accepted as standard HSE cover by a number of offshore operators around the UK.

For further information contact Mcintyre Marine or visit the web site

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