LPG outboards now available in Australia from Lehr

Lehr Australia has been given approval to release its range of Lehr 4 stroke LPG outboards in Australia. The outboards are available from 1.8 kilowatt to 11kW (2.5 horsepower to 15hp).

“They run on propane which has no ethanol and does not degrade overtime, it is a powerful 110 octane fuel that is eco-friendly and 50 times cleaner than petrol engines” says Lehr spokesperson.

“The Lehr family of products utilises a patented technology, which ensures that they are the cleanest, greenest and most reliable outboard engines on the market today.”

Lehr says its propane engines typically reduce carbon emissions by 65 to 70 per cent. It is proposed to be between 30 to 40% cheaper to run than petrol engines, yet has no fuel issues such as gumming up carburettors or stale fuel problems.

A Lehr propane outboard reduces the possibility of electrical problems and gives far more economy and distance.

Interested resellers are also advised to contact Lehr: sales@lehraustralia.com.au.


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