Liverpool 2018 diverting to Canada for medevac

Liverpool 2018 is diverting to St. Johns in Newfoundland in order to medevac crew member Dominic Littlewood. He is a type 1 diabetic who has been suffering with sea sickness, which has affected his management of blood glucose levels.

After monitoring and careful consideration between Skipper Lance Shepherd, the on board medical assistant who is a Doctor, our remote medical physicians at Praxes, and Dominic himself, it was decided that the best and most appropriate course of action was to divert the yacht to St. Johns, where Dominic can get the care that he needs.

Clipper Race Director Mark Light is in constant contact with the yacht and has worked with MRCC Fareham (Coastguard) and CCG (Canadian Coast Guard) on this best plan of action.

Writing in his blog today, Skipper Lance explains: “I sat down with the crew and explained what was happening and why we needed to stop racing, everyone understood and was extremely supportive.

The safety of the crew on board always comes before the racing.

“Warm clothes are getting pulled out from deep storage as its going to get colder every day. All the crew want to let their family and friends know that we are all good, spirits are high and we just want to make sure our team mate is ok.”

CV20 ceased racing at 2253 UTC, on 30 June, in position 41°06.006N, 056°28.922W and is currently making best speed under sail towards St Johns, which is approx. 400 nm away. The yacht’s ETA is 1700 UTC on 2 July.

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