Lifejacket coat takes the scratch out of wearing a PFD

The SOS Sea Pilot`s high tech lifejacket is “keeping it simple and bridging the gap to improve an affordable lifejacket coat” according to importers Southern Seas Marine. The high-tech lifejacket is integrated into a coat by using a quick-burst zipper resulting in 275N of buoyancy.

The life jacket inflates outside the coat, making it simple to use by the wearer and providing more visibility for the rescuer.

The three-quarter length jacket is said to be very comfortable and uses a “two-layer” barrier system within the lining. “It has two insulated pockets to keep your hands warm and a neoprene sleeve to stop water running up the sleeve,” says a spokesperson from Southern Seas Marine.

The SOS Sea Pilot lifejacket-coat is available at Southern Seas Marine website

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