Adelaide’s Geoff Boettcher picked up a handy line and overall monohull win on a picture perfect day in Geelong.

A stiff breeze on the final day decided the winners in some divisions, while others were already comfortably in the lead.

Amongst a picturesque collection of 144 islets, in the northernmost part of New Zealand, the most-southerly superyacht regatta in the world takes place at the start of each year.

Plans to conduct expedition to recover materials from the wreck site of the Titanic - and, for the first time ever, to take an artifact from within the ship.

A salvage operation is underway this week for a yacht that broke up after it washed ashore in rough conditions sailing from Picton to Nelson.

A YACHT CAPTAIN has been found guilty of being drunk while erratically sailing a pleasure boat in a Dublin Port shipping lane.

A long-awaited treaty on the protection of the RMS Titanic has entered into force,

Royal Geelong Yacht Club Announces $10,000 Donation To Kick Start ‘Festival Of Sails’ Bush Fire Appeal In Wake Of Cancelled Australia Day Fireworks

On January 10, the crew of the geared bulker Sunda rescued a sailboat adrift in the mid-Atlantic.

Royal Geelong Yacht Club sailor Brendan Garner first competed in the MacGlide Festival of Sails in 1988, when he was just 12 years old.

The U.S. Coast Guard, two commercial vessels rescued the crew of a dismasted sailing yacht at a position about 570 nm southwest of the Hawaiian Islands.

Lifeboat George Bearman II was alerted by HM Coastguard to go to the assistance of a male in difficulty in the water in the River Exe near Lympstone.

The boat has a storied past. It once exploded, killing its owner. It was used in WWII. Now, it’s aground.

A mix of light and windy weather in Melbourne exhilarated some and exhausted others, with some moving further into the lead and changes to the leaderboard in other classes.

Number four jibs were called for and the downhill run provided plenty of drama; even most experienced crews were prone to incidents.