Late start at best for Audi Hamilton Island fleet

“Looks like another day of golf,” was the observation from a Kiwi sailor whom I met on my run this morning. We had reached the high point of Hamilton Island and all around us the clear blue sea was like a millpond, with just a few ruffles on the water from tiny eddies of breeze.

As reported last night, race director Denis Thompson has said he will hold the boats in port until the breeze comes in, rather than have them floating aimlessly near the start line for hours as he announces delay after delay.

This is typical of the consideration the race committee has shown for the sailors at this regatta, with excellent communication of the decisions that are being taken in the best interests of the fleet.

Sadly, Kermit the Kiwi is probably right and golf is more likely than sailing. Coming up to 8am there is still no breeze. The official weather site says we have 4 knots from the north-west, but the channel I can see from my hotel window is in the lee of another island and there is scarcely a ripple. The temperature is already 21.8 degrees and we are in for a scorcher.

If racing does manage to get underway, it won't be until early afternoon, in which case I will bring you a full report on the action.

– Roger McMillan at Hamilton Island 

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