Laser class approves use of electronic digital compass

The International Laser Class Association (ILCA) announced a new rule, effective January of 2018, which enables Laser race participants to use an electronic digital compass during competition. As a result, Laser competitors worldwide may now take advantage of the valuable tactical information delivered by Raymarine’s Wireless Micro Compass.

A leader in wireless racing instruments, Raymarine introduced the first ever self-charging electronic compass twenty years ago. Since then, world champion one-design sailors and racing yacht competitors around the world have benefitted from the accurate and reliable data delivered by Raymarine’s T060 Micro Compass and T070 Race Master.

The Laser class is one of the world’s largest and most popular. Therefore, the new rule from ILCA is of keen interest to large numbers of Laser competitors. Raymarine says, as they prepare for the northern season of highly competitive regattas, thousands of skippers will realise a significant advantage over their competition by installing a Raymarine Wireless Micro Compass.

Raymarine EMEA OEM Sales Manager, Greg Wells, who has specialist knowledge in this field, both as a competitor and product expert, said: “The Raymarine Wireless Micro Compass, which also incorporates a start and race timer, is light, easy to read, reliable and precise. It has an proven success record, having been used successfully by countless medalists at the Olympic, World, European and National championship levels. I’m so pleased that the ILCA has made this rule change so the many thousands of Laser sailors can now also enjoy the benefits of using this wonderful product.”

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For further information and guidelines about the use of an electronic compass for Laser dinghies, read the new ILCA rules here.

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