Lancelin to manufacture high-end ropes in Australia

Lancelin and My Yacht, their Australian distributor, is pleased to announce that as of the 1st of July they will manufacture rope in Australia to meet the growing demand for customised high-end ropes. The Lamcelin ropes are designed in France using the latest fibres and technology and produced in Australia for distribution throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Lancelin manufactures high-tech ropes for different sectors such as marine, industry, technology and has gained an avant-garde renown in its field since its creation in 1907.

“After having prospected and participated in many events and exhibitions, my goal today is to focus on quality. We make a point of honor to ensure an R&D and sales top quality service with regard to our partners, who are loyal to the products and to the Lancelin brand. Today, we do export in more than forty countries,” says Nicolas Lancelin, President of the company.

Justin Mulkearns, President of My Yacht, will manage the subsidiary and supervise the production activity which will be operational from July.

“We look forward to continuing the collaboration with Nicolas Lancelin who will be ensuring the new facility will be continuing the Lancelin tradition, innovation and product development geared towards an Asia Pacific market,” says Justin Mulkearns. 

The subsidiary will be in Sydney, will reinforce the growth of Lancelin brand in the Australian territory but also in Asia-Pacific, with potential markets such as New Zealand, but also China, Japan, Thailand, and the Pacific Islands.

In August, Lancelin Pacific will participate in the next Sydney International Boat Show.

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